a great article on Barca’s contribution to Society. 

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Happy Birthday Villa… Today you turn 30.


With great power comes great responsibility. A team like Barcelona who have won 12 out of 15 titles during Pep Gaurdiola’s reign as a manager, increase the expectations from the crowd. People are so used to seeing them winning that even a draw will be seen as surprise or shock or even dip of form. Like the recent match against Getafe where we lost 1-0 to a much disciplined Getafe side started talks of dip in form and need to change style. This style which has always proved successful is now being questioned.

But that is not the point here. Today is the 3rd of December and the only talk of the day today can be about David Villa celebrating his 30th birthday. Famously known as El Guage (The Kid in Asturian) , he had once admitted that he was on the verge of quitting his football career because of a fall out with a coach. This is a long time ago, and definitely without him Spanish football would miss out on many spectacular goals and also some classy celebrations. His joy in scoring a goal is always visible in his celebrations. It’s like it’s the first goal of his career.            

Villa though being one of the most lethal strikers worldwide did not have many trophies to his name. Before joining Football Club Barcelona in the summer of 2010-2011, he had just won the Copa Del Rey twice (Real Zaragoza and Valencia)  and the Super Cup once ( Real Zaragoza ). But no one doubted his abilities. He had countless goals in his name both with his Clubs and also the Spain National Team (Now the top scorer with 52 goals under his cap).

With Barcelona he won his first La Liga and also his first UEFA Champions league title (Along with 2 Super Cups and also one UEFA Super Cup ).His goals have played a major contribution to most of these. With Barcelona more than his usual on going goals, he has always saved us in critical moments. Last season, Barcelona were 1 goal down to Sporting Gigon and Villa saved the day with a chip over the goal keeper in the 76th minute. He may not have scored for a long time but he makes sure to net the ball in when it is desperately required. He scored the first goal away in the UEFA Champions league Round of 16 against Arsenal and also scored the Final goal against Manchester United in the Finals, increasing the gap. This season, in the first leg of the Spanish super cup against Madrid (where you can say Madrid were the better side plus a goal to the good), Villa put in the goal from the Left of the Penalty area (the first shot on goal for Barcelona). Against AC Milan , where we conceded the first goal in the first 24 seconds at the Camp , Villa gave us the lead with a free kick. And this can go on and on and on……

He’s a team player and a fighter. He has always showed up in the most delicate situations. When he joined the Blaugrana side, he admitted to have observing Pedro (A just established youngster) to learn the new style. Today he is celebrating his 30th Birthday. I and all his fans around the globe wish for his success with both the club and the National side. A very Happy Birthday to you Villa. Have a great one and we will always love you not only for your goals but also for the team spirit you have shown. Thank you Guage. From a fan and also a well wisher.  #ForcaGuage.

Video link if not visible : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nebMmrVVjlc

Leo - The boy from Rosario


Lionel Messi , if you are a football fan or not you definitively know who I am talking about. He is popularly also known as Leo , Messi , La Pulga or the flea.

But 11 years ago even the little boy from Rosario would not have dreamed to be where he is today. With all the physical and health problems he was going through , his only wish maybe was to just lead a normal life. He is a true example of the saying “Whatever happens , happens for good.” Imagine what would have been going on in the nine year old’s mind when he came to know that he had a growth deficiency problem. Maybe the last thing on his mind would be to be a successful footballer, or who knows, It’s Messi , in his mind he might be thinking “Who care’s. So what if I’m short , just give me the ball and leave me alone.” 

Now thinking about it , that problem might be God’s boon to him. Those daily injections for 3 years as well as his determination to play football are one of the main reasons why today he is at Barcelona and why he is considered to be at the top level.

But even after winning the Ballon D’Or twice in two year’s , there are people who still believe that he has to prove himself with Argentina. Yes , there are not many goals compared to what he has with Barcelona but his style is still the same. He plays with the same enthusiasm , provides assists and creates more and more opportunities.

I agree , that Argentina may not be playing to the potential of the players available to them but it is still a 11 man team and all the players have to be considered. It is still not clear why World Cup 2010 under Maradona was considered to be a bad performance by Argentina and also Messi because he did not score. They were at the top of their Group stage table and also reached the quarter finals. It was a disappointing match but in a game you can also loose.

People tend to forget that Leo himself expressed his desire to play for the Argentina National team in the at the 2008 Summer Olympics which was held in Beijing, where they won the Gold.

I would like to dedicate my first article of FCBSoul to Leo , a true hero for me . There is a lot to write but very less is not known about him. He is a true inspiration to anybody who wants to be successful in any field with not many resources. I have made this video for people to see the dedication and hard work put in by him. Hoping for a positive feedback on it.  

If the Video is not visible click on the link here: http://youtu.be/wUjXB00xM8k

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